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Dragonara Poker is gearing up to start the 2017 poker season with more than just a bang. 

We have created a series of Poker Leagues to entertain both our local and foreign poker players.

Winter League (January 2nd – March 31st)

Final Stage tournaments on Sunday 9th April and Monday 10th April

Spring League (April 1st – June 30th)

Final Stage tournaments on Sunday 9th July and Monday 10th July

Summer League (July 1st – September 30th)

Final Stage tournaments on Sunday 10th September and Monday 11th September

Fall League (October 1st – December 31st)

Final Stage tournaments on Sunday 7th January 2018 and Monday 8th January 2018

League Rules & Information

The Mid – Week League 

Players participating in daily tournaments held on week days like Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays will be eligible to gain MW league points. 

The Week – End League

Players participating in daily tournaments held on week days like Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays will be eligible to gain WE league points.


3% from the prizepool of daily tournaments add up to form the corresponding league prize pools.

Players can buy a single ADD-ON (Stack boost) for €5 (per entry) in every daily tournament. The €5 fee will add up to that tournament’s leaderboard prizepool and not the tournament’s prize pool. The boost stack will be upto 10% of starting stack. 


League points are awarded using the below formula:

Buy in x Number of Players



- In rebuy tournaments, the original buy in only will be calculated in the formula. - In case of re-entries, players get points for each entry.

League table is updated weekly and is available for viewing at the poker room. 



At the end of the league, the first 3 players will be awarded 25% of the league prizepool in the following manner:

1st – 12% of Prizepool

2nd – 8% of Prizepool

3rd – 5% of Prizepool

The remaining 75% of the total prizepool will be awarded through a Final tournament of 18 players (2 tables) 

Top 18 players of each leaderboard qualify for a seat to the final tournament/s. 

In the event 2 or more players TIE at the 18th position, the player with the major number of 1st places prevails. In case there is an absolute TIE, a heads up game will be played to determine the winner. 

Final Tournament will be a No Limit Hold’em game with 20min Levels.

Starting stack on final table will be as follows:

1st - 3rd 30K

4th - 6th 25K

7th - 9th 20K

10th - 12th 15K

13th - 15th 12K 

16th - 18th 10K

Players qualifying for a seat to the final tournament cannot transfer or sell their ticket. 

No Show player’s stacks will be removed from the table 1 hour after the Final Tournament starts commences play.

League Tables and the progressive league prize pool are updated regularly and may be published on our media channels. 

Dragonara may from time to time award double leaderboard points or even triple leaderboard points during special days as promotion. Such dates will be advised in advance. 

Dragonara Casino reserves the right to cancel, change or suspend the league/s. In such case of suspension the prize pools will be awarded using a lottery or an early final tournament. 

League Final – Payout Structure of the remaining 75% of the leaderboard prizepool.

· 1st 23%      · 7th 7%

· 2nd 15%      · 8th 6%

· 3rd 12%      · 9th 5%

· 4th 10%      · 10th 5%

· 5th 9%

· 6th 8%


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